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Target group


The project offer is aimed at traumatized refugees of all nationalities accommodated in the district. Not every person who has experienced trauma needs to be treated. Most learn to handle it, they just need time. However, who suffers from a post-traumatic stress disorder, who really needs help and should receive it as unbureaucratically as possible.

Volunteers with refugee experience, who have been established in the district for some time, are also involved in the project.


Project description:


The aim of the project "Arriving in the middle" is to develop, test and disseminate ways of sensitive strengthening for traumatized refugees. A traumasensitive, (knowledge, recognition and by-passing of trauma burdened humans) In the long term, support for refugees can only be provided by professional staff. In addition to the extensive work of the competent full-time employees, it also requires the involvement and qualification of volunteers, as well as existing volunteers with refugee and migration experience in order to maintain low-threshold offers as a result of the project. Individually conducted, trauma-sensitive and culture-sensitive interviews will identify resources, identify the need for support and stabilize through low-threshold group offerings. Where the creation and activation of resources and the strengthening of self-efficacy are priority objectives. In the further course of the stabilization are full-time reference advice and additionally necessary supports guaranteed eventual support for important dates.

The aim is to give the chance for a self-determined life with appreciative self-awareness through the project. This means it strengthening in a new and alien country again active and self-determined into their own hands to take life. To provide the participants, to make new competence -, health - and educational experiences in a positive way. Within individual interviews during the Office hours of the full-time staff if necessary. a personal resource discovery takes place with the help of interpreters. Here, the stability requirement is determined problems should have been issued.

After detection, is to limit the constraints resulting from the trauma and to dismantle started by offers. Skills and resiliences intended to strengthen to arrive again in the middle. The individual reference consultation shows possible supports. Necessary accompaniments are offered and coordinated by the staff of full-time employed. The conversation offers take place regularly every week at least in 2 days. In addition, the possibilities of Exchange are given in open meetings and encounter cafes.

In regular, weekly held low-threshold Group offers, which represent an addition to the single conversation to stabilize through to winning back body feeling, be through musical, creative, sports and body feel invigorating experience strengthened the project participants. These offers are for the moment independent of a common language. Offers, such as Cook, aggression reduction by self defense, hand work and sports are daily created because there is a meaningful structure to non-verbal way, so non-specific method.

The offers of the project "Arrive in the middle" are designed on the basis of voluntariness, confidentiality, transparency, a minimum of bureaucracy and high professionalism.




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Educational Director,

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